About Inflexion Point

Inflexion Point is a mathematical term which indicates a point in the curve where the sign of the curve changes. In common parlance, it could be considered as a turning point where things change for good.

At Inflexion Point Consulting, we offer your business actionable insights on innovation, creativity and strategy which are rooted in research and relevant to practice.   

Areas of expertise
Design Thinking 

Mindsets, tool sets, and skill sets for creative problem solving through the methods of Design Thinking. These sessions are delivered in the form of hands-on workshops where scientific ways of problem solving are discussed and practiced. 

Strategic Acumen  

Methods and practices on how organizations develop competitive strategies for sustained advantage. A rigorous approach to develop appropriate ways of thinking strategically and the enabling frameworks and techniques.  

Innovation Culture 

The true differentiation comes from creativity and its application. Innovative organizations pride themselves in fostering a culture that encourages wide-scaled participation on creative problem solving, and commercialization of ideas.