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At Inflexion Point, the team endeavors to bring about a scientific approach to managing your strategy, inspiring creativity, and fostering a culture of innovation at your organization. Aimed at enterprises, both large and small, and budding or matured, the idea is to offer insights and practices which are conceptually sound and practically relevant.

Read on in detail about the various programs and engagement models at offer. 

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Design Thinking 
The hands-on workshops would help you develop the following competencies. 
  • What is design thinking

  • How to get to the unmet and unstated needs of the customers  

  • Means of developing genuine empathy

  • Getting to problems worth solving 

  • Systematic ways of ideation in groups 

  • How to validate ideas scientifically

  • Prototyping techniques

  • Business storytelling 


Download the brochures from the links below:

Strategic Acumen  

The hands-on workshops would help you develop the following competencies. 
  • What is strategic acumen

  • Tenets of thinking strategically

  • External analysis 

  • Internal analysis

  • Competence gap assessment 

  • Strategy forming process

  • Translating strategy into execution plan 

  • Communicating strategy and measuring performance 

Download the brochures from the links below:

Innovation Culture 

The lectures, talks and workshops would help appreciate the following. 
  • Vocabulary of innovation

  • What innovation is and is not 

  • Types of innovations

  • Habits of highly creative individuals and teams

  • How managers foster an innovation culture

  • Levers of innovation culture: Talent, Routines, and Incentives

Download the brochures from the links below:

Four half-days virtual 

Talks/ Lectures/ Webinars

Video Testimonials  
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Dr Pavan Soni on Human Centered Design ​


A talk on tenets of human centricity and why great technology is not always the answer. A call for businesses to develop empathy towards their customers and then adopting appropriate technologies to solve complex problems. 

July 2018

On Creativity for Entrepreneurs ​


A workshop for aspiring entrepreneurs on how to solve problems systematically and profitably, and adopting methods to scale your ideas. Delivered in association with NSRCEL at IIM Bangalore.  

December 2016

TEDx Talk on Seven Habits of Highly Creative People ​


A talk on what makes creative people truly common. These are a set of habits that are well know, yet difficult to cultivate. With insights from traditional and modern literature, I offer the seven habits at my fourth TEDx talk. 

December 2017

TEDx talk on Creativity

The 18-minutes talk on traits of creative individuals and how to develop it. The talk offers a primer on psychology of people who have made it big on the basis of their creative talent. 

April 2012

Talk in Hindi on Entrepreneurship at Patna

A short discourse on how to develop an entrepreneurial spirit and execute concepts in a robust manner. Delivered in HIndi, the talk touches upon the mindset of successful entrepreneurs and the role of creativity.

June 2017

TEDx Talk on Innovation and Institutions 

A brief on how institutions, both formal and informal, shape the way humans and organizations go about innovation. The sums up why Indian companies are often shy of product innovations.

March 2016

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